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Want To Sell Your Toyota RAV4?

Want to sell your Toyota RAV4, but looking to bypass the time-consuming process of taking pictures, advertising and negotiations? When you engage the services of SellMyCarSTL, you can do just that. Our informative team is always ready to answer any questions you may have and guide you through an initial consultation!

About Toyota RAV4

Widely considered to be the first compact crossover SUV, the Toyota RAV4 was first introduced in North America in 1995, with sales beginning in 1996. Combining the benefits of a SUV with the fuel economy of a compact car, the Toyota RAV4 appeals to a wide audience and became the bestselling SUV across all types in the world in 2019. Its largest market is in North America.

Toyota RAV4 Models by Year

  • Toyota XA10: 1996 – 2001
  • Toyota XA20: 2002 – 2006
  • Toyota XA30: 2007 – 2012
  • Toyota XA40: 2013 – 2018
  • Facelift XA50: 2019 – Present

Why Use SellMyCarSTL to Sell Your Toyota RAV4?

When you come to SellMyCarSTL, you have the flexibility to select from two profit options. Instant Cash will suit those who need to get their vehicle off their hands quickly, whereas profit sharing will see a second share of the profits sent to you after your vehicle has sold. Regardless of which option you choose, we will oversee the entire sales transaction from start to finish on your behalf. You can be sure of obtaining the best price for your Toyota RAV4 without having to put in the hard work!