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Want To Sell Your Nissan Pathfinder?

Do you want to get a good price for your used Nissan Pathfinder but need to sell it quickly? No matter the age, mileage, or condition of your Nissan Pathfinder, we promise a fair appraisal and will do all in our power to ensure you receive the most money possible for it. Rather than listing your Nissan Pathfinder online or haggling with local dealers, consider having it purchased directly from the manufacturer.

About Nissan Pathfinder

Since 1985, Nissan has been producing a line of sport utility vehicles known as the Pathfinder under the brand name Nissan. The platform that this vehicle initially rode on was that of Nissan’s small pickup truck. It has since gone through four versions, and it is currently in its fifth iteration. Since the introduction of the fourth generation of the Pathfinder in 2012, the vehicle has utilised the unibody Nissan D platform. Outside of the North American market, the Pathfinder was sold under the name Nissan Terrano. Beginning in 2004, the R51 series was rebranded as the Pathfinder for foreign marketing purposes.

Nissan Pathfinder Models by Year

  • Nissan Pathfinder2001 – 2005
  • Nissan Pathfinde 2005 – 2007
  • Nissan Pathfinde 2007 – 2012
  • Nissan Pathfinde 2012 – 2016
  • Nissan Pathfinde 2016 – 2021
  • Nissan Pathfinde 2021 – Present

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