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Want To Sell Your Ford Edge?

Do you have a Ford Edge you want to sell but don’t wish to put in the time and effort required to locate a buyer and negotiate a good price? Let our professional team at SellMyCarSTL take care of the entire process on your behalf, from marketing and communications to finalizing all paperwork.

About Ford Edge

Did you know that the Edge is the first mid-sized SUV to be marketed by Ford to the North American market? Introduced in 2007, the Ford Edge shares underpinnings with the Ford Fusion.

In the same year, it was acknowledged as one of the best cars for families by Parents magazine and AAA. It was also named urban truck of the year by On Wheels, Inc. These awards are a testament to the popularity of the Ford Edge just shortly after its introduction.

Ford Edge Models by Year

  • First Generation (U387): 2007 – 2010
  • First Generation Facelift: 2011 – 2014
  • Second Generation (CD4): 2015 – 2018
  • Second Generation Facelift: 2019 – Present

Why Use SellMyCarSTL to Sell Your Ford Edge?

When you engage our services, you can rest assured that our wide network of potential buyers will help you get top dollar for your car. Instead of charging high transactional fees, we agree on a retail and reserve price with you as well as a profit sharing option. Depending on your preference, you can walk away with quick cash immediately or receive your share of the profits timely after a sale!