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Want To Sell Your BMW 5 Series?

If you have a BMW 5 series you need to get off your hands, SellMyCarSTL can assist you with the entire car sale process from start to finish. From locating suitable buyers to completing and finalizing all paperwork, we will take care of everything so you don’t have to!

About BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 series is currently in its 7th generation, and has remained the brand’s second bestselling model only after the 3 series. It is a line of executive cars that succeeded the New Class Sedans.

 The first generation of the 5 series was exclusively powered by naturally aspirated engines, with each subsequent generation being powered by either turbocharged or naturally aspirated engines.

BMW 5 Series Models by Year

  • First Generation (E12): 1975 – 1976
  • Second Generation (E28): 1982 – 1988
  • Third Generation (E34): 1989 – 1996
  • Fourth Generation (E39): 1997 – 2003
  • Fifth Generation (E60): 2004 – 2010
  • Sixth Generation (F10): 2011 – 2016
  • Seventh Generation (G30): 2017 – Present

Why Use SellMyCarSTL to Sell Your BMW 5 Series?

When you need to sell your BMW 5 series, our team at SellMyCarSTL is up to the job. We are able to leverage on our wide network of buyers to negotiate for top dollar for your car. Save yourself the hassle of advertising, marketing and communications when you engage our services today! Whether you opt for instant cash or profit sharing, you can be sure of receiving a fair price for your car.