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Appraising your vehicle using industry-leading software to give you TWO aggressive market-based offers.

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Instant Cash

We’ll take your vehicle and leave you with a check. It’s really that easy!

Seriously, it’s that easy.


You’ll receive an initial payment slightly less than the Instant Cash Offer. SellMyCarSTL will recondition, market, and sell your vehicle for Full Retail Value. After the sale closes, you’ll receive a second check for the profit minus our success fee** and reconditioning costs.

Sound complicated? It’s not!

Here’s an example of the entire process below:

Your 2019 Nissan
Rogue appraises for


We verify the condition of your vehicle and determine the
current market retail value to be


Your Offers

(Good for 7 days from appraisal date)

If you take

Instant Cash:

This is your final step! Visit any of our three convenient locations to get paid! We can also come to you!

– – – – OR – – – –

If you picked


Those who can patiently wait for profit sharing can get their first check at any of our locations. We’ll recondition any damage and list vehicle at Full Retail Value.

We end up selling the vehicle for


You get paid the profit


(Sold Price)


(Reserve Price)





(Reconditioning Costs)


(Success Fee**)


Get a check for your share of the profit!

** Success Fee is $995 or 5% of the sales price, whichever is greater.